About Us

Redcar Sword Dancers perform traditional English longsword dances from the North East of England.  Although chiefly known for our revival of the Greatham dance and the associated mummers play, we perform Eston and California and other dances from the North East corner of Yorkshire.

This website is not an extensive record of Redcar Sword Dancers’ dancing history, as, on many occasions, photographs weren’t taken, either because there weren’t enough team members available to take pictures, or pictures may have been taken, but not offered for inclusion, by members of the public. Many photographs are still held that have not yet been processed through into another page on this website, but will be processed as time allows.

As with many other sword dance teams, Redcar Swords had not been able to practice throughout most of 2020 and 2021, but had maintained contact with each other via “Zoom” meetings. It can now be reported that real live practices recommenced on the 13th September ’21 at the Village Hall Great Ayton. Needless to say, there were a few aching limbs after the first practice, but nobody was complaining !

Site updated 29/6/22 with the addition of a Page.

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